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FAQ: Our Practices, Services/Clients

Want more information? Read our responses to some of the most frequent questions that we are asked by prospective clients.

FAQ – Our Practices

Q: Why don’t more advisors practice full transparency??

You may not buy what they are selling if you have all of the facts.

Q: Is it legal to withhold information from investors?

Yes, advisors do not have mandatory disclosure requirements.

Q: What type of advisor withholds the most information?

Weak advisors withhold the most information because they have a lot to hide.

Q: Why do salespeople claim to be financial advisors?

It reduces your sales resistance and makes them more competitive against Investment Advisors.

Q: Why should I require documentation?

Documentation protects your financial interests. You have a written record of what was communicated to you.

Q: What happens if I do not have a written record?

You will lose if there is a future dispute. It is your word against the advisor.

FAQ – Services/Clients

Q: What are the principal services you provide your clients?

Our principal services are planning and investment. We provide additional services upon request.

Q: Why do you provide insurance advice and services?

We act as the financial quarterback for our clients. We provide multiple services so we can provide integrated solutions.

Q: Why do you provide tax and legal services?*

Some of our clients moved to Long Island from out-of-state. They need tax and legal advice that is based on New York regulations.

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